Ghana Youth Photo project

I found in the internet one project running in Ghana with children. I think is very good and I invite you to take a look. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque ipsum dolor, tristique ac malesuada in, laoreet eu augue. Aliquam id est augue. Donec sodales lobortis magna sed mattis. Praesent fringilla, orci eu dictum eleifend, enim mi lacinia felis, vitae aliquam enim magna ut massa. Pellentesque pretium nisi nec lectus facilisis scelerisque. Fusce pulvinar turpis sit amet turpis condimentum rhoncus. Nulla id laoreet est. Pellentesque a ante nisl, id rutrum magna. Maecenas in dui imperdiet sem ornare facilisis at non enim. Cras hendrerit tincidunt justo id ultrices. Curabitur nibh tellus, rutrum ac convallis in, posuere ut tortor. Morbi dapibus nisi eu urna dictum vitae blandit velit dignissim. Proin viverra lacus eget lorem dignissim iaculis.

Beyond the light

This is the video filmed on the teacher’s day in Jugla Blind school in Riga, 1st of October. Blind and impaired students celebrate the day with a lot of surprises for the teachers, like dance, music, games.

I had been visiting the school from 2003 in a few times shooting pictures in total freedom around the school thanks to her director Ligita. I found Maja, Amanda and Louise, three girls blind that I knew in 2008. At the end of the video I talked with Louise and she remember me and the day when she shoot pictures with the Canon 5D to her fellows and teachers.

The documentary video is unfinished and I have to come back to find Louise and her friends to film playing flaute, piano and violin together.

Beyond the light want to be a documentary realized in the time that can help to the society to see more deep in the life of blind children. Many are the obstacles in the society to help for the integration, but it need to be as well from our side, not only from blind people.