Photo Exhibition in Riga: January 18, 2013

Working now in the next big event activity of Lead Partner in Riga with a Photo Exhibition in Riga with 5o photos of the children participating in Photo Youth!. The event will hold on January 18, 2013 and we will dispatch diplomas to the new teachers of the project. This activity will be celebrated by the partners of Photo Youth in their cities. Pictures of the event will be publish in our social account in Facebook ( Join us!!

Meeting partners in St. Petersburg

Between 8 and 9 of November and organized by St. Petersburg partner the Project Managers of Photo Youth (Riga, Pskov, Vyborg, St. Petersburg) met in Russia to discuss the Agenda of activities and administration from past and future of the project. After the meeting PM’s visited a few schools of the project in St. Petersburg.

Photo Camp in Pskov (Russia) from 27 August-1 September 2012

All project managers of Photo Youth agreed in the dates to celebrate the Photo Camp near Pskov (Russia) from 27 August to 1st September 2012 with the participation of 30 children with special needs and teachers from schools partners of Riga, Pskov, Vyborg and St. Petersburg.

The Photo Camp is one of the best activities of Photo Youth and is organized by Pskov partner in cooperation with Riga Lead Partner following the agenda and planning approved in the former partners meetings.

The mission and aim of the Photo Camp is create a photography ambient in a open-air space with many activities, from Fashion photography to how to made video news with a small photo camera, as well excursions and lectures by external experts and staff of the project.

Every evening the teachers and children will upload a edition of best pictures and text to share with the other many children, teachers, supporter and rest of the world to show how they are improving the project to get the best outputs with a book, photo exhibitions and video documentary.

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"Europe in my Region" Photo competition

02-07-2012 "Europe in my Region" photo competition
Would you like to win up to €1,000 worth of digital camera equipment, plus a trip for two to Brussels?  Take part in the ‘Europe in my Region’ photo competition this summer!

The competition will be hosted on the European Commission’s Facebook page. Participants will be invited to enter photos in two categories:

  • ‘My Project’, open to organisations that have benefited from EU regional funding (ie from the European Regional Development Fund or the Cohesion Fund)
  • ‘Eyewitness’, open to anyone living in the EU who spots a project either in their region or when visiting another region.

To take part, all participants need to do is take a photo of a project which includes evidence of EU regional funding (e.g. featuring a billboard, signpost, plaque, etc., with the EU flag and funding information in the pictures). Two winners will then be selected in each category; one by popular vote and one by jury from a selection of the most popular remaining entries. Photos will be judged on their aesthetic quality, creativity and relevance to EU regional policy.

Help us to show some of the great projects around Europe. Follow @EU_Regional on Twitter and the EC Facebook page ( for more news soon. And finally, whether you’re at home or abroad, don’t forget to keep your eye out for projects and your camera at the ready!

Picture: Image from European Comission’s Facebook page

Teachers of Photo Youth

Photo Credit: © 2012 Delmi Alvarez/ All Rights Reserved. This picture can be used by bloggers and media without commercial purposes.


Children of Photo Youth

Photo Credit: © 2012 Delmi Alvarez/ All Rights Reserved. This picture can be used by bloggers and media without commercial purposes.

Vyborg the last city of the journey

Students of Photo Youth in Vyborg

Today is the last visit for consultations in Russia and the last place where Photo Youth is living. More than thousand kilometers on the road with a lot of friends that we made starting in Riga Monday 7th May. For Ilmars and me it was so fast, and so short, willing to have more time to be with the children and the teachers working with the photo cameras and macbook. Vyborg is a quite place where Olga Kareva lead the project Photo Youth. The Centre of complex social services citizens “Vyborg” is a place where children get many education in different levels and ways and our visit was plenty of friendship and lovely people working hard for people with special needs. Personally I would like to stay more time and Vyborg have this air of mystery that any journalist and photographer wish to discover. Lets see what happen after august because they deserve a more long visit.