Next activities Photo Youth

Next activities in Riga:
From 29 January to 1st February
Visits to Diena newspaper and Museum of Photography

This activities are organized locally in Riga but each Project Manager from partners should be arrange similar in their cities like museum of photography and local newspaper.

We will send new assignments for teachers to work with the children soon in February.

We will have a book and video with a selection of photos from photographers of all schools. The teachers should be follow the instructions in the next months to how to send the photos to start with the selection.

A video documentary of aprox 10 minutes of duration will be with the book our best business card for the future. Near April we will start to work with the editing and teachers should send footage for the selection. But it is already far away, meanwhile we will follow working with our children becoming amateur photographers.

More news coming up !

Pskov new teachers

Natali (center) with other colleagues in Pskov

On January 10, held an organizational meeting for new teachers who will go on a training seminar in Riga and will contribute to the further expansion of the project in Pskov. In each school participating in the project, there will be one teacher who will work with the children the art of photography.
Here are our teachers:
Natalija Ivanova, Pskov school for visually impaired children
Marina Tikhonova Pskov school for deaf children
Valentina Egorova Pskov correctional school N6
Irina Krjukova Pskov orphanage – department “The Forest House”
Stanislav Pavlov student of Pskov college of arts, practice in the school for deaf children — with Nataliya Ivanova.Please check it in our Facebook page   here

II Seminar and Photo Exhibition

Teachers with the diplomas of Photo Youth

Two more activities celebrated in Riga, the II seminar for teachers and the Photo Exhibition. More than 100 images taken by children of the project are exposed in the Artspace museum in Riga (Kungu iela 3) till the end of February. In the event assisted teachers, photographers and project managers and we had been interviewed by latvian tv and Latvian radio, you can check it here.

The II seminar was celebrated in the schools #1 in Gertrudes iela.
Check photos of the both activities in our Facebook page.