New activities in Riga

Photo Youth! teachers are publishing photos and posts in their blogs and you can follow them joining to our social page in the Facebook network:

Riga Lead Partner is working now in the local activities for the children of schools in Riga for the next year 2013. There will be visits to the local newspaper Diena and to the museum of photography in Riga.

Photo Exhibition in Riga: January 18, 2013

Working now in the next big event activity of Lead Partner in Riga with a Photo Exhibition in Riga with 5o photos of the children participating in Photo Youth!. The event will hold on January 18, 2013 and we will dispatch diplomas to the new teachers of the project. This activity will be celebrated by the partners of Photo Youth in their cities. Pictures of the event will be publish in our social account in Facebook ( Join us!!

Meeting partners in St. Petersburg

Between 8 and 9 of November and organized by St. Petersburg partner the Project Managers of Photo Youth (Riga, Pskov, Vyborg, St. Petersburg) met in Russia to discuss the Agenda of activities and administration from past and future of the project. After the meeting PM’s visited a few schools of the project in St. Petersburg.