Vyborg the last city of the journey

Students of Photo Youth in Vyborg

Today is the last visit for consultations in Russia and the last place where Photo Youth is living. More than thousand kilometers on the road with a lot of friends that we made starting in Riga Monday 7th May. For Ilmars and me it was so fast, and so short, willing to have more time to be with the children and the teachers working with the photo cameras and macbook. Vyborg is a quite place where Olga Kareva lead the project Photo Youth. The┬áCentre of complex social services citizens “Vyborg” is a place where children get many education in different levels and ways and our visit was plenty of friendship and lovely people working hard for people with special needs. Personally I would like to stay more time and Vyborg have this air of mystery that any journalist and photographer wish to discover. Lets see what happen after august because they deserve a more long visit.